Principal Conductor: Daniel Hogan

Professional string, woodwind and brass tutors

“An excellent week that passed all too quickly.”
2022 course member

Daniel Hogan will be joining NLMS again in 2024 to conduct the Sinfonietta. Within the main orchestral timetable there will also be sectional sessions with our hugely experienced team of tutors, aimed at improving every aspect of orchestral technique. The final concert’s programme will be chosen during the week, and will include a selection of movements from the following repertoire: Beethoven…..Overture “Egmont”, Franck…..Symphony in D minor, Sibelius…..Pelleas et Melisande

Daniel Hogan – conductor

Daniel writes: “Cesar Franck’s Symphony in D minor used to be a staple of the orchestral repertoire but is now unjustly neglected. Composed under the influence of Wagner, this is a masterpiece rich in chromaticism, poetry and textures that transform the orchestra into the single mighty voice of a cathedral organ.

Beethoven’s Egmont is a tale of a heroic man who was condemned to death for having taken a valiant stand against oppression, composed during the Napoleonic Wars and perhaps demonstrating Beethoven’s ambivalence to the man he infamously once respected so highly.

Sibelius’ Pelleas et Melisande is a suite of incidental music composed for the 1892 play by Maurice Maeterlinck, depicting the tragic tale of fatal love and lethal jealousy between brothers. Each little miniature is a masterclass in storytelling from Sibelius, using just a small chamber orchestra to express so much colour and character.”


String and woodwind players from the two orchestras also get opportunities through the week to work with tutors on specific ensemble repertoire. String sessions are co-ordinated by Steve Bingham, and woodwind by Graham Dolby, and the ensembles get a chance to showcase their work in the Ensembles Concert. There will be specific programmed rehearsal sessions for Sinfonietta strings and Sinfonietta woodwind.

These sessions are tutor-led and will explore repertoire chosen to suit each ensemble. They also provide an opportunity to work on some of the specific skills needed to work as an instrumental section. Horns and brass players – not to be left out – have their own ensemble sessions and concert.

In addition to timetabled sessions, there are opportunities during the week to form ad hoc ensembles, and members are encouraged to bring sets of music for that purpose as these are not provided by the summer school. Members may also participate in the full range of optional activities, including with the choir and in the Members’ Concert.


One of the exceptional strengths of the NLMS Summer School is the high ratio of tutors to members.  Typically, one of the daily sessions is a “sectional” rehearsal:

  • Each string section in both orchestras, from first violins through to double basses, has a daily session with the professional who leads that section
  • Specialist tutors for each woodwind instrument will be present throughout the summer school.


This course is intended for instrumentalists of approximately Grades 5-7 but applications from string players of a slightly lower standard than that, who have good experience, will be considered. Clarinettists should bring both B flat and A instruments.